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La partecipazione alla Fiera Pitti Immagine Filati svoltasi nel periodo dal 28 al 30 giugno 2017
è stata realizzata con il sostegno dei Fondi “POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 – Az. 3.3.1 –
Avviso Pubblico per partecipazione a Fiere Internazionali-2017”

Spinning as an art

We let our boundless passion for this profession be our guide. A passion that over time has allowed us to become an important benchmark in the fashion world, which lets us continue to grow enthusiastically in the search for excellence.

Filati Power has been working in the field of fine yarns for three generations. It was founded in 1981 by Giuseppa Momi, who established the company in Bevagna, in the heart of medieval Umbria, where it is still located today. In the 1990s, an intuition of the changes and developments in the market lead the company to direct its production toward a product of high prestige: Cashmere.

Excellent in craftsmanship

We offer the very finest products, both in terms of quality and in the great personalization of the articles. We use a color chart that is easy to read and in line with the latest fashions. We make products “to measure” as regards both colors and the technical characteristics of the yarn, all done quickly and according to the needs of the most demanding customers.

Even though it is highly industrialized, thanks to the use of the latest generation of machinery, Filati Power maintains high standards of craftsmanship, which comes from a knowledge of the raw materials and yarn processing operations that have been handed down from one generation to the next.

Made in Italy production

The most precious, finest and best lots of this special fiber come from China and Mongolia, fascinating, enchanting lands of great, wide open spaces. This is where the Cashmere goat “Hircus Laniger” lives, from which comes the finest cashmere, which is then processed and spun at our mill in Bevagna.

The care, style, creativity, attention and know-how of Italian production has no rivals. Therefore, in keeping with tradition, we offer a product made in Italy in every stage of production, providing the greatest guarantee of quality for a highly specialized clientele with sophisticated tastes.

Research and development

The studies continuously carried out in collaboration with important universities and research institutes lead us to new materials, to be used in special blends (cashmere blended with metallic fibers), as well as special treatments (antiallergenic, water repellent), in order to obtain the highest qualitative and innovative standards at all times.

Our in-house laboratory works to find the “right recipe” for satisfying every need, in a short period of time. Thanks to the attentive, accurate and constant management of our stocks, Filati Power has a vast assortment of yarns and colors that can be requested in quantities as small as a single kilogram.

Innovation and Design

The selection of the best fibers, continuous research through the observation of the world of art and culture and its presence at the biggest fairs in this sector, such as Pitti Filati in Florence and SpinExpo in Shanghai, together with the aid of magazines and specialist studies, make Filati Power an excellent trendsetter. Thus it can be considered a reliable partner for designers and well-known fashion brands.

Our sensitivity to changes in the market has led us to the studying of a new line for kids and teens with special attention given to specific treatments and light colors used especially for infant lines. These are the characteristics of the new Yarns for the Young line, in which the strong combination of innovation and design is evident.

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The Filati Power sales and marketing networks is active all over Europe, in the most interesting world markets and in the areas strictly connected with fine raw materials.